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Van Buren Deluxe
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Van Buren Deluxe

With over 850 alternating coils for superior support and durability, the Van Buren Deluxe has been designed to exceed quality specification requirements for every franchise. Our Perfect Edge Support Technology™ reduces side breakdown and offers guests full edge-to-edge support, while layers of 1.8lb high-density foam provide a luxurious feel, and help the Van Buren Deluxe retain its shape, comfort and resiliency for years to come. The mattress height is 12" +/- .5".

Mattress Specifications

Coil Wire
High coil count, highest quality tempered steel springs. The Queen Size Mattress has 858 Coils. In addition, the mattress has a 14.5 Gauge Alternating Coil Unit, and Full Foam Encasement Technology.
High resilient foam pad surrounded by layers of the finest insulators available.
Multiple layers of super high density poly foam. The layers are multi-needle quilted to a rich and luxurious damask cover that complies with all flammability standards.
Multi-needle quilted for fire barrier.
This mattress also includes a 10 year non-prorated warranty and continental wrapped foundation. The bottom of the mattress is one layer of High Density Poly Foam, a heavy duty insulator pad and fire retardant stratus. The Van Buren is available in Firm and Eurotop models.

Our Commitment To a Better Tomorrow

Recycled materials used in the making of this product
Recycled Materials
All of the steel in our innerspring units comes form recycled steel.
Recycled materials used in the making of this product
Plant Based Materials
Hybrid foams augment a portion of the foam's petroleum composition with renewable plant based materials.
Recycled materials used in the making of this product
Recaptured Materials
Our Materials Recapture System (Ma.R.S.) helps us cut down on waste, making our factory more efficient and reducing costs both to us, and to our customers.
Recycled materials used in the making of this product
Less Waste
With our super-efficient manufacturing methods we waste little in time, energy and materials, producing high-quality products with amazing consistency.

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How We Roll

Scalability, nimbleness and the ability to adapt to any market conditions were key components in the design of our facility which can double production capacity literally overnight.

Cross dock flow and little to no warehousing of finished product; the Denver Mattress factory is highly efficient.

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Just Plain Smart

Plant Based Foams, Recycled Steel, Ultra-Efficient Manufacturing and our Materials Recapture System isn't just good for the planet, it's good for business.

Plus within our state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind factory, we produce almost all of our own products.

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